Trane Batteries

Trane Batteries

rane automotive battery is a trademark used by Siam Battery Industry Co., Ltd. Originally the batteries are based on the technology used by Swedish Boliden Battery

Trane batteries are designed to deliver more cranking power, to store more reserve capacity, to consume less water, to better retain charge over extended times, and most importantly, to last longer. These are the targets which determine the way we organize and work, the way we choose suppliers and raw materials. That is why Trane batteries are known as advanced quality products.

Trane batteries, due to its European origin, are constructed especially for European cars and trucks. However, they are suitable for Japanese, Korean and American cars and trucks as well. Batteries for European trucks are constructed for long life in the most heavy-duty trucks of Europe such as Volvo, Mercedes-Benz, MAN, Renault, Scania and IVECO. Trane batteries are available as dry charged as well wet charged Ca/Ca or Top rated SMF batteries.

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